I Am Committed To Representing Those Facing Domestic Violence

I am attorney Angelina Z. Bradley, and I stand in solidarity with victims of domestic violence. If your spouse has threatened you or committed acts of physical, emotional, financial or other forms of violence, you deserve to seek justice and safety for yourself and for your children.

At my firm, In Balance Legal, in Los Angeles and San Diego, I help clients seek restraining orders against their tormentors. I understand how emotional, stressful and frightening these situations can be. I will be there at every step to ensure things move efficiently and professionally.

With You From Start To Finish

While getting a restraining order is typically a quick process, what comes after can be daunting. What if the restraining order is violated? What about your children? Will your spouse still have child custody or visitation privileges? What if you receive spousal support from them?

The answers to these questions are different with every situation. We will sit down together to discuss what can be done to protect both you and your children as well as your financial security. I will address every concern, answer every question and make sure you feel comfortable and confident in how I am helping you.

Do Not Hesitate To Ask For Help

You and your children deserve protection from spousal abuse and domestic violence. As a lawyer, I promise to be a victim's advocate, I will fight for you at every step and ensure you are treated with dignity. Most importantly, I will do whatever I can to ensure you and your family are protected from harm.

Schedule an initial consultation with me today by calling our office location in Los Angeles at 323-487-1171 or the San Diego office at 619-483-4343. You can also send an email.